I know absolutely nothing about web sites. Can you build the site for me?
Do I need to purchase a domain name or pay for any other services?
Do I pay set-up charges or any hidden fees?
What is web hosting and do I pay for it?
How long until my website is visible on the Internet?
Can I use my own photos and logo in the website?
Can I add more web pages to the website as my business grows?
Can people find my website through Google and Yahoo?
Can I make changes to my website?  If so, how often?
Can I send and receive email through my website?
How do I set up new email accounts?
How do I access my Control Panel?
Can I see who has visited my website?
Can you help me compose content for my website?
Can I accept credit cards through my new website?
Does Pierside design shopping catalog websites for 100+ products?
How reachable is Customer Service?